Sam Houston University Commission

An inside look at creating ten monumental pieces for the new Humanities and Social Sciences Building at Sam Houston State University.

Inside LookArt proposal for the main lobby, showing Photoshop “mock-ups” of the finished pieces as they would appear in the building.

Confluence 2Completed art piece, titled “Confluence 2″, measuring 202″ x 126.”

Confluence 1

“Confluence 1” in process.

Confluence 2

Working on “Confluence 2” over the holidays.

Scale Model

Scale model, created by the artist, to show how the “Facets” pieces would install in the building.

Facets 1

Expert art installer Mark Baker, along with my wonderful friend
Dave Lemons, hanging “Facets 1″ in the lobby.
The piece measures 111″ x 250.”

Facets 3

Mark carefully measuring and attaching the french cleats on which “Facets 3” will hang.

Facets 3 Complete

Mark completing the installation of “Facets 3.” The completed painting is 128″ x 102.”

Sam Houston Project

A video profiling artist Bruce Marion’s journey in creating the art for the College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Sam Houston State University.